More than just the sum of its parts: Dresden is known for its strong networks and the stimulating exchange of ideas they foster. You too can join in!

Industry networks bundle the member’s expertise in all sectors, from microelectronic to cultur and creative industry. However, in Dresden networking means more than that: networked thinking, acting and conquering new territories together.
The location is caracterized by openess which creates synergies. Scientific and business partners can profit from large-scale facilities.
Networked Thought and Action

In all of Dresden's most important sectors, ranging from microelectronics to the cultural and creative industries, networks unite their members' skills. But networking in Dresden means more than that: pushing the envelope, networked thought and action.

There is a local climate of openness which creates synergies. Large-scale research devices are available to partners in science and industry.

Networks in All Important Sectors

The best example is 'Silicon Saxony,' Europe's largest network for the semiconductor, software, photovoltaics, electronics and microsystems industries. Apart from its core of manufacturers and suppliers, the spectrum of more than 300 members includes research institutes, consultancies and service providers. Local public figures and politicians also have an established role.

Science Networks

One of Dresden's USPs as a business location is its well-honed interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and facility management in the field of research. DRESDEN-concept offers an alliance between university and non-university research institutes that is unrivalled in Germany. The general aim of DRESDEN-concept is to create synergies between Dresden University of Technology and the city's non-university institutes.

Come on in, the doors are open


Excellence is the city‘s motto

Dresden’s success is based on key technologies including microelectronics, information-and-communications, new materials, photovoltaic and nanotechnology, and, life sciences and biotechnology. The interdisciplinary collaboration between businesses and research facilities helps move Dresden forward.