How Dresden Benefits Human Health | business and science location Dresden (Saxony)

Committed to Tradition: How Dresden Benefits Human Health

Human beings are becoming healthier and as a result are living longer. This demographic change presents new challenges for the treatment of diseases like cancer, dementia and diabetes, and Dresden’s researchers and entrepreneurs are working to find therapies and treatment options for these common diseases of our time. Innovations to improve ...
Revolution Industrie 4.0: Dresden marschiert vorneweg

Industrial Revolution 4.0: Dresden Leads the Way

After the manufacturing industry’s mechanization, electrification and digitalization, the use of the Internet rings in the fourth industrial revolution. Within the global competition, ‘Industry 4.0’ holds enormous potential for Germany as a business location, and Dresden’s highly automated semiconductor industry functions as a blueprint for tomorrow’s ...
Dresden on its Way to Becoming a Smart City  | business and science location Dresden (Saxony)

Not just a Dream of the Future: Dresden on its Way to Becoming a Smart City

As part of the increasing worldwide urbanization more and more people are living in cities. In order to maintain their quality of life, cities need to be able to provide intelligent answers to important questions like how urban living can be energy efficient and sustainable. Dresden is already on track to becoming a “Smart City” where local researchers and enterprises are developing ...

Excellence is the city‘s motto

Dresden’s success is based on key technologies including microelectronics, information-and-communications, new materials, photovoltaic and nanotechnology, and, life sciences and biotechnology. The interdisciplinary collaboration between businesses and research facilities helps move Dresden forward.