Newspapers, magazines, books, posters, flyers and information brochures—even in the age of electronic media, everyday life is unimaginable without printed information.

The ultra-modern facilities and machines in the Dresden region play an important role in the production of Germany's printed products. Europe's most up-to-the-minute rotogravure printing press boasts a top-class technological performance.

Important Companies

  • Prinovis Ltd. & Co. KG: leads the European market for illustration-printing; innovative in the field of rotogravure printing
  • Saxoprint GmbH: a leading business in the growing market for corporate online printing, in 2012 the company was taken over by CEWE COLOR, Europe's leading provider of photo services
  • Koenig & Bauer: one of the world's biggest manufacturers of printing presses, produces sheetfed presses in Radebeul, near Dresden.

Excellence is the city‘s motto

Dresden’s success is based on key technologies including microelectronics, information-and-communications, new materials, photovoltaic and nanotechnology, and, life sciences and biotechnology. The interdisciplinary collaboration between businesses and research facilities helps move Dresden forward.