Commercial Real Estate

Since the mid-1990s the city of Dresden has invested almost 200 million euros in extending its infrastructure and developing municipal commercial parks.
Funding from the state and national governments and EU means that the developed parks can now be let out to eligible businesses at correspondingly reasonable prices.

Rents for office space are between 4 and 11 euros per sqm.
For companies and research institutes, the city is creating conditions tailored to meet the needs of certain sectors and technologies in three special development zones known as technopoles. Six business incubators provide ideal conditions for the specific needs of start-ups and young companies and offer geographical proximity to scientific facilities.
The Economic Development Office's real estate service assist you in your search for suitable commercial space and offices. Get in touch and we will help you put your entrepreneurial plans into action.

Excellence is the city‘s motto

Dresden’s success is based on key technologies including microelectronics, information-and-communications, new materials, photovoltaic and nanotechnology, and, life sciences and biotechnology. The interdisciplinary collaboration between businesses and research facilities helps move Dresden forward.