Specialists and Managers

If a company's workforce is its biggest treasure trove then Dresden is a gold mine. Dresden people's inventiveness and Saxony's internationally successful education system combine to give the city a big pool of extremely well-trained, motivated workers.
In Dresden there are an unusually high number of specialists in scientifically and technically demanding work. 45.5 percent work in a scientific/technical occupation or have a degree in a subject of this kind. By European comparison the Saxon capital is thus above the average for the major industrial nations (Germany, France and Britain).

Nonetheless, labor costs are still below the level of west German cities. The average gross wage per working hour is roughly 18 euros (2010).

Education System

Numerous education studies and comparisons of the federal states have put the Saxon education system ahead of the others.

Educational Institutes

Overview of educational institutes in Dresden.


Excellence is the city‘s motto

Dresden’s success is based on key technologies including microelectronics, information-and-communications, new materials, photovoltaic and nanotechnology, and, life sciences and biotechnology. The interdisciplinary collaboration between businesses and research facilities helps move Dresden forward.